This theme includes a sidebar, it appears at the right of the screen and it’s called “Right Sidebar Widget Area.” The content of the page will therefore be divided into two columns: a larger left column, containing the post and a narrower right column containing the widgets. If your sidebar is left blank, because no widget is associated with it, then the site will be displayed in the main column in a centered position relative to the screen. As regards the pages, it should be specified that the default layout also provides for the sidebar; However, you can use a full page layout without sidebar, using the page template called “Page-no-sidebar”.
On devices with a resolution of less than 1024 pixels, as many smartphones and tablets, the sidebar is positioned outside the visible part of the screen, and can be viewed by clicking on the arrow at the top right of the screen (near the site title).
Handdrawn Pro includes two widgets “Handdrawn Category Widgets” and “Handdrawn Tag Widgets”. The first allows you to create a list of posts included within a specific category, the second creates a list of post marked with a specific tag. In both cases you can choose the number of posts to be displayed and the number of posts to be skipped (offset). Also you can choose the graphical style to assign to the image thumbnail highlighted (square or circular).