MyMagazine is designed to make it extremely easy to create a website with the same style that you can see in the demo.

Standard Post

The graphic style of the standard post has the following features:

  • It is characterized by the title that partially covers the featured image;
  • under the featured image there is a box that contains the excerpt (manual or automatic) and up to 5 customized links;

The excerpt management is very simple: in the edit page of the post, click on “Screen Options” and set the flag to excerpt. At this point, scroll down and you will find a new text field named, precisely Excerpt. If you enter a text in this field, it will be displayed inside the colored box located below the featured image. If you leave this field empty, the colored box will not appear. Beware though, into the home page and the archive pages the excerpt will be shown anyway: if the excerpt manual has not been entered, it will display the automatic one (the first 55 words of the post).
Each post can be linked to other 5 post, and related links are displayed below the featured image, or inside the colored box containing the excerpt manual, if any. On the home page and archive pages the links are always displayed below the excerpt. To set the links simply go to the edit page of the post, where you’ll find a section called “Post links” and select the posts to link by a drop-down menu. For each link you can enter your own text by typing in a text field.
On the home page the post normally has two elements:

tag, displayed above the featured image out (in the case of more than one tag, the tag with the lowest ID number will be displayed);
the category displayed inside a colored box that partially covers the featured image (in the case of more than one category, the category with the lowest ID number will be displayed).

Sticky post

The sticky post has no differences in style than the other posts, the only peculiarity is that it is presented as the first post of the home page, with a picture bigger than the others and an excerpt displayed inside a colored box.

Video Post Format

The post video format is specifically dedicated to the post containing a video. For these types of post you can enter text in the field and set excerpt of custom links. For post marked by this format, you should also set a featured image, which will be displayed on the home page and archive pages. In the absence of the image out, the home page displays only the title and any excerpt.

Image Post Format

The image post format is designed for those articles intended to contain a single image (the featured image). By entering a text in the excerpt field , it will be displayed inside the colored box. Even the links to posts will be displayed inside the box dedicated to the excerpt, while they will be displayed below the featured image in the case that the excerpt is not present.

Gallery Post Format

The Gallery post format displays an image slider containing all the images in the gallery using the lightweight jquery plugin Responsiveslides. Below the slider, the thumbnails of the images are displayed in columns. Again, you can enter a text excerpt in the field, however the summary will be displayed only within the home page and archive pages, while inside the single post it will not be displayed. It is recommended that you upload also a featured image, that will be displayed only on the home page and archive pages.