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Mymagazine is an easy to use magazine theme, great for online news sites that want to have a fresh and amazing look. It comes with pre-built widgets, color options, and custom meta fields that allow you to use many useful features.





Forget the themes that are impossible to configure; MyMagazine Pro is exactly as you see in these pictures: you write the posts, insert featured images, select categories and tags and then publish. Everything else MyMagazine Pro solves the issue, easy right?

If this is not enough, the home page is easily customizable: with five sidebars and many widgets it’s so easy to customize the flow of articles!



Responsive Layout

MyMagazine Pro is based upon the Zurb Foundation’s grid sistem and it supports any kind of device, any size screen, with any resolution. The layout will always conform to your visitor’s screen, creating a perfect browsing experience.

Unlimited Colors

Thanks to the Customizer, you can change the colors of your website in real-time! The following image shows the options available in the Customizer and the effects that these changes reflect on the website. Use the color-pickers or just type the hexadecimal value of your colors. If the result doesn’t match your ideas, click on the “default” button to return to the original value, then try again with other colors!


mymagazine pro wordpress theme color sample



Mymagazine is a light theme, it doesn’t include tons of functionality, only to result in ridiculously slow WordPress. There are thousands of plugins in the repository that allow you to make quite everything, I think that there is no reason to include all sort of widgets inside a theme. Themes are made to give you control over the look and presentation of the material on your website, and Mymagazine’s built-in widgets are designed only to manage the flow of post to display. Using as appropriate the available widgets, you will have a perfect control of the content of your website.

Loop post widget

This widget displays the same list of items that WordPress would show in his classic “loop”, using some interesting options. In fact, you can select the number of items to be displayed, the number of items to be skipped and, if desired, also a category of items to be excluded from the loop.

Category posts widget

This widget displays the posts that are part of a specific category. You can set the number of posts to show and the offset.

Tag posts widget

This widget is very similar to the above. It displays the posts that are tagged with a specified tag. You can set the number of posts to show and the offset.

Post format widget

This widget displays posts with a specified post format. The post formats available are image, video, gallery, aside. You can set the number of posts to show and the number of posts to pass over.

Video post widget

This widget displays the last post having a video post-format.

Image post widget

This widget displays the last post having an image post-format.

Related posts widget

The purpose of this widget is to display the thumbnails of three articles that belong to the same category of the post that is currently displayed. It is designed to be used within the “below the content widget area”, that is displayed at the end of each single post.

Home Page Layout

The page layout is fully customizable. The layout consists of a series of widget-areas which allows you to customize the flow of articles published. The image on the left shows a diagram of the layout of the page.

The sticky post is placed always on the top of the content area, below the header.

The first widget area is eventual. This means that if no widget is placed within the first area, that part of the page will be replaced by the normal flow of the articles published. Instead, if a widget will be used within the area, the normal loop will be replaced by the contents of the widgets.

In the second and in the third widget areas the posts are displayed in a vertical flow, while in the fourth area each post uses all available horizontal space.

This theme features two right widget areas. If you want that every page (including the home page) displays the same sidebar, you can use the “Right sidebar widget area”. If you want that the right sidebar of the home page looks different from other pages, you can use the “home page right widget area”.

Custom meta fields

With the built-in custom meta fields you can link up other posts to the current post. For example, you can create a gallery that contains all the photos related to a post, and select it using a custom meta field. These links will be shown on the home page at the end of the post excerpt, and in the single post page below the featured image.


If you encounter any problem with Mymagazine Pro, please send an email at