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Customizable home page

The home page of this theme comes with five widget areas. Thanks to the custom widgets, you can customize the flow of the posts displayed on the home page.

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Mobile first layout

MyMagazine Pro is based upon the Zurb Foundation's grid sistem and itĀ supports any kind of device, any size screen, with any resolution. Quisque blandit quis enim ac pretium. Phasellus condimentum leo sit amet dolor mollis porttitor. Phasellus velit nulla, semper blandit enim sed, porta porttitor sapien. Phasellus condimentum leo sit amet dolor mollis porttitor.

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This is another simple post

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Standard article

This is a manual excerpt. If you leave it blank, the normal excerpt will be displayed instead (but only on the home page and on the archive pages). Cool!

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A magazine style theme

This is a manual excerpt. To display it, simply check the excerpt checkbox that you find inside the "screen options" in the admin section.