With Handdrawn Pro, texts, graphics, backgrounds, any artwork can change color with a single click, directly from the Customizer. In the “Colors” section you can change with a few clicks all the colors of the site. In particular, you can change the default color scheme by changing the “Primary Color” fields, “Secondary Color”, “Tertiary Color”, “Light Color” and “Text Color”. Should you need more control, you can use the additional controls available, more specific, which shall take precedence over generic controls described above. These controls are: Header Text Color, Background Color Header, Posts and Pages Title Color, Sidebar Widget Title Color, Footer Widget Title Color, Footer Background Color. For example, if you change the primary color from green to blue, the title of the post will become blue. But if you want the title of the post to have a different color than the primary color of the site, you can change the selector called “Posts and Pages Title Color”, which will determine the color of the title of the post regardless of the primary color settings.