The layout of the home page has two columns, a main column that contains the main flow of the articles, and a side column containing the sidebar, called “Right sidebar widget area” and appears on all pages of the site. If you want to use a sidebar in the homepage that is different from the rest of the pages, just use the “right home page widget area”.

The main column of the home page can be synthesized from the following image:

home page layout


If you have not special requirements of customization, you do not want to bother with the management of widgets, or you just want to dedicate to write your post letting WordPress handle everything else, Mymagazine is the theme for you. Leave the widget area of ​​the home page blank and your items will automatically appear in the middle of the home page in chronological order of publication, from newest to oldest. Remember that the main article is always the sticky post.


home page article flowThe normal flow of the articles will have the following layout: two articles in columns side by side, made up of image, title and summary in the column, followed by an article horizontally, with the title and the summary prepared by side of the photo.

Home page first widget area

If you decide to use the “Home first widget area” to customize the flow of the articles, you must know that the layout will be the same as described above: two articles side by side and one horizontal.

Home page second & third widget areas

The articles in the second and third widget area are always arranged vertically, according to the following scheme: image highlights, title, summary, links to posts (if any).

Home page fourth widget area

The articles contained within this area are horizontally disposed, occupying the entire space of the central column, according to the following scheme: zoom out left and title and summary arranged to the left of the photo. In the case where the photograph is not present, the title and the summary will occupy all available horizontal space.