Handdrawn Pro comes with two post formats: standard and aside. The difference between them is that all the text of the aside post has a hand written style, while only the title and the meta-informations of the standard post have a hand written style.

The available options for pages and posts. Handdrawn Pro WordPress theme
The available options for pages and posts.

This theme allows to apply a mask to the featured image clips, with the shape of a circle, of a cloud or a flower. To do this, when you create a post or a page, assign to it a featured image clicking on the button that can be found under “fetured image” in the lower right corner of the edit screen of the post. Upload the image but keep in mind that the image must have the ‘aspect-ratio of 4: 3 so that the final effect is the desired one. Then, for example, an image with a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels will be fine because the ratio between base and height is, in fact, of 4: 3.

After performing upload the image, move to the bottom of the screen to change the post, where you will find the section “Handdrawn Posts and Page Options”. The first option is “Clip mask applied to the featured image”, by clicking on the drop down menu you can select one of the available shapes. Then you can select the “Round title box”. By clicking on it the title of the page or the post will take on a circular form that will embody the image out.


an image of a post


The last control available within the section “Handdrawn Posts and Page Options” is the “Author’s informations” checkbox. Clicking on it at the end of the article you will see a section with the name, bio and Gravatar  picture of the author. These data can be entered/modified from the author profile page. Note that the last option is valid only for the posts and not for the pages.

image of the author's section


Finally , the comments section is characterized by a few lines made with svg code. These lines are displayed in random mode , so each page will look different from the others.

an image of the comments section of a post.