With Handdrawn Pro you can change the appearance of your website in real time from the Customizer.

In the “Colors” section you can change with a few clicks all the colors of the site. In particular, you can change the default color scheme by changing the “Primary Color” fields, “Secondary Color”, “Tertiary Color”, “Light Color” and “Text Color”. Should you need more control, you can use the additional controls available, more specific, which shall take precedence over generic controls described above. These controls are: Header Text Color, Background Color Header, Posts and Pages Title Color, Sidebar Widget Title Color, Footer Widget Title Color, Footer Background Color. For example, if you change the primary color from green to blue, the title of the post will become blue. But if you want the title of the post to have a different color than the primary color of the site, you can change the selector called “Posts and Pages Title Color”, which will determine the color of the title of the post regardless of the primary color settings.

The last panel of the Customizer is called “Handdrawn Settings”, in which we find seven sections:

General Settings

Within this section there is a checkbox that is used to set a boxed layout, as opposed to the normal layout in which the header and footer extend horizontally for the whole width of the screen.



Header Settings

In this section you can change some aspects of the header. You can determine whether to have or not a search form, the login button and record button and whether to assign to the site title and tagline to the center alignment or a left alignment.



Comments Settings

In this section you can choose whether to attribute a header graphic style of the “Comments”, and the graphic style for the Gravata image of the author of comments (round or square).


Right Sidebar Settings

In this section you can determine, first, whether the font of the text of the sidebar should be or not “script”. It can also specify for each type of widget, the graphic style to be attributed to the title.


Footer Settings

This section contains the same controls provided for the Right Sidebar Section. In addition, you can set the number of columns that can contain widgets (one to four).


Hero Image Settings

In case you have created a home page using the “Front Page Hero Image” template, you can use this section to set up some of the page features. In particular you can determine the color and alignment (left or center) of the title of the site, regardless of your setting in the “Header Settings” section for the remaining pages of the site. In other words, suppose the title of the site is aligned to the left on every page, but you want to align it to the center of the home page, this is the option to use!

The availble options for the Hero Image
The availble options for the Hero Image

You can also determine whether or not to display the footer on the home page.

Jetpack integration

If you installed the Jetpack plugin on your site, you can customize some widgets and features peculiar to this plugin with the Handdrawn Pro graphic style. From this section you can determine whether to use the Handdrawn Pro social icons to customize the social sharing buttons provided by jetpack. In this case, in the Jetpack administration panel you must select the style (Icons only)

A screenshot of the Jetpack settings
A screenshot of the Jetpack settings

and from the Customizer, select the appropriate checkbox in this section. Also follow the option to customize most of the widget provided by this plugin.