Available menus

This theme has two registered menu, the primary menu and the social menu. In the dashboard of WordPress, go to Appearance > Menu and click on “create a new menu”. Call it “primary” and click on “Create Menu”. Now, in the bottom part of the page, in “Menu Settings” > “Theme Locations” click on the “primary” checkbox. Remember to add the pages, links or categories that you want to display in the primary menu, selecting them on the left part of the screen and clicking on “add to menu”.The social menu, which appears at the top right of the screen, contains links to the social network entered by the user (only for the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ). To do this, go to Appearance> Menus to create your menu and in “theme location” in the bottom of the page, select “Social media”. At this point, in the Links tab, enter the url of your account of social networks (eg www.facebook.com/username), and the name of the link in “text link”, then click “add to menu”. The link will appear in the section “Menu structure”, where you can drag the menu items in the order yor prefer.
For more info on how to setup your menu in WordPress see http://codex.wordpress.org/Appearance_Menus_SubPanel


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