My Magazine Pro allows you to change some features of your website directly from the Customizer.

From the “Site title and tagline” section it is possible to upload an image file to use as the logo, and decide whether or not to display the search form and login form at the top right of the screen.

From the “General settings” section you can select to display a full width layout or a boxed layout.

image of the layouts available in mymagazine pro

From this section you can also choose between different styles for the header and you can enable or disable pagination on the home page. This option works only when the home page displays the normal flow of posts generated by the native loop of WordPress. If the user decides to use the widgets in the “Home first widget area” this option will have no effect.

Image of the styles available for the header in mymagazine pro


Mymagazine Pro allows you to change all the colors on the screen directly from the Customizer, in the “Colors” section. The following figure shows the color options available and an example of how you can change all the colors on the screen with just a few clicks.

mymagazine pro wordpress theme color sample



The “Footer customization” contains an option to set the number of columns.