Handdrawn-lite has been released!

the screenshot of handdrawn-lite wordpress theme

Handdrawn-lite WordPress theme is now available on the theme directory of WordPress.org. You can download it from this page, and watch the demo here.

Handdrawn Lite is the perfect theme for your blog or your personal website. It comes with two post formats: standard and aside. The difference between them is that all the text of the aside post has a hand written style, while only the title and the meta-informations of the standard post have a hand written style.
This WordPress theme allow users to add a clip mask to the featured image, with the shape of a circle, with the shape of a flower or with the shape of a cloud. When you edit a post, under the “Handdrawn options” area you can find a select option which contains the shape of the clip masks. When you select “circle” or “cloud” or “flower” a new checkbox will appear: by checking it the title of the post will be displayed along a circle textpath.

Please note  that the image must have the ‘aspect-ratio of 4: 3 so that the final effect is the desired one.

This WordPress theme includes a sidebar, it appears at the right of the screen and it’s called “Right Sidebar Widget Area.” The content of the page will therefore be divided into two columns: a larger left column, containing the post and a narrower right column containing the widgets. If your sidebar is left blank, because no widget is associated with it, then the site will be displayed in the main column in a centered position relative to the screen.
On devices with a resolution of less than 1024 pixels, as many smartphones and tablets, the sidebar is positioned outside the visible part of the screen, and can be viewed by clicking on the arrow at the top right of the screen (near the site title).