Handdrawn-lite free WordPress theme is coming!

The new version of handdrawn-lite theme has been recently uploaded to the WordPress theme directory, and it’s waiting for the review process. In the meantime you could take a look at the screenshot or visit the demo page. This theme has been completely revisited from the previous handdrawn theme, it’s now based on the grid system powered by foundation 6, and the options about clip masks and curved title can be set without the use of shortcodes.

Handdrawn-lite WordPress theme features

Handdrawn-lite allow users to add a clip mask whit the shape of a circle or the shape of a cloud to the featured image, simply selecting the shape from a dropdown list. If a clip mask is selected, a checkbox will appear: by cheking it, users can display the title of a post along a curved shape around the featured image!

Handdrawn-lite comes with two menus, the primary menu and a social menu. It has an hand written style thanks to the delicious “Caveat” font by Pablo Impallari, which is available on google fonts.

Actually, also the premium version of handdrawn is under construction, so stay tuned!


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